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We discovered these handmade silk scarves when we were vacationing in Turkey. They are made in the city of Konya, where Rumi and his whirling dervish followers lived.

The scarves are made of highest quality Turkish silk and the felt is the same felt that the whirling dervish robes are made from.

The dies used in coloring the felt are all natural, which means they are made from flowers, fruits and vegetables and are not synthetic.

The felt is applied on the silk using a wet process where each thin layer is applied patiently, as shown in picture on the right, resulting in natural shades and rich details.

Currently we carry these scarves in two sizes, small and large.

The small scarves with flowers have two or three flowers hanging from the ends of the scarves. The scarves come with a loop where the flowers can pass through and allow easy style changes as shown in the pictures below.

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